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Information security

With the internet providing much easier access to all types of information than has ever been possible before, it is vital that businesses have reliable security systems in place.

Parke Corporation business units receive and manage data and information of a confidential or commercial nature. Information security is of paramount importance, both to us and our clients.

The units have developed information security management systems (ISMS) to safeguard the information provided to them by clients and by them to clients. These systems assist in determining how information is processed, stored, transferred, archived and destroyed.

For instance, Parke Lawyers has developed an ISMS which ensures its information technology and data protection policies comply with international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005. This standard is globally recognised as the standard against which organisations can be certified to align with global standards of best practice information security management.

The ISMS manages and minimise the threats to information assets necessary to the operation of Parke Lawyers’ key business processes and enables the prompt identification, reporting, recording and response to all information security threats and incidents.

The firm maintains and continually improves security management within the organisation whilst meeting all the business, legal and regulatory requirements of any professional law firm. Through implementation of an effective ISMS, the firm’s wider business objectives are protected and ensured.

Parke Corporation proudly supports our communities

Communities and their people are the lifeblood of our living, social and working environments. Parke Corporation has a strong commitment to supporting community groups, organisations and events. We are the gold sponsors of the Camberwell Art Show, Australia’s largest art show; the Maroondah Festival held in Croydon attended by 30,000 people annually and Grace Park Carols, an annual Christmas twilight picnic event in the City of Boroondara.